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Betadia Southeast Asian Market Launch Official Statement

Betadia is pleased to announce that its Southeast Asian market will be globally launched in the third quarter of 2021, which is approximately a year from now.

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Posted by Betadia Digital Insurance on Thursday, 14 April 2022

Betadia is a UK-registered digital insurance company that provides new and comprehensive insurance plans to protect user capital while boosting their investment return. As an innovative insurance business model, Betadia incorporated insurance into its entertainment and insurance scheme. This generates a risk-free yet stable return.

In recent months, Betadia has been swiftly delivering its services across the region, and with a great sense of purpose, Betadia has decided to extend its insurance expertise and in-depth knowledge nationwide, with the Southeast Asian market being its top priority. Betadia holds the belief that this region has great potential to further expand its huge user base.

As the pioneer of digital insurance, Betadia possesses profound financial and insurance knowledge that will empower its trustees to achieve capital preservation in addition to the many investment opportunities set up by Betadia platform. It is arguably the most unmissable capital protection plan for long-term investments.

Years of experience managing a digital insurance platform has propelled Betadia to the status of a pre-eminent provider. It regards features such as affordable premiums, experienced directors and team, guaranteed capital assurance, high flexibility, prudential risk management as well as transparent policies as its biggest fortes.

There are several highlights that stand out about the Southeast Asian market; Being a cultural melting pot as it is, the region offers diversities like no other, especially in industries such as agriculture and manufacturing. New technological developments such as the blockchain technology is also perceived as the prominent startup trend in 2021.

However, after recognising that these movements are not risk-free, Betadia is prompted to bring its insurance innovations and education to the distinctive region, with a hope of nurturing an insurance community based on both conventional insurance types such as life, savings, accident and home as well as hybrid insurance modes on entertainment and investment that are powered by capital protection. Betadia has faith that its premier market expansion in the Southeast Asian region will kickstart a series of revolutionary growth of the digital insurance industry in other locations.

If you require any further information, please contact us via our email at [email protected] or visit the Betadia website at www.betadia.com.


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