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Exclusive Invite to Digital Insurance Connect Event

Betadia will be part of the renowned invite-only Digital Insurance Connect Event. Yes, you read that right! We will be featured alongside the top senior-level digital marketing and CX leaders from insurance companies, agencies, and brokers, exchanging a vast amount of ideas on digital transformation through innovation and its change management.

Hosted from 31st August until 1st September 2021, this private virtual event aims to provide deep insights into the rise of hyper-personalisation of future insurance, how to navigate insurance technology partnerships and acquisitions, achieving customer satisfaction, etc.

An exhaustive list of new perspectives on the insurance industry is up for grabs.

From Product to Customer-Centered Organization
It is not uncommon that many organisations are looking for the best remedy to streamline the cycle or flow of insurance daily operation. Through Digital Insurance Connect Event, attendees will get into the core of the insurance business and learn about the latest tools in the market that can bypass the hurdle of filling out forms, paperwork, and long queuing. In essence, it will be an eye-opening experience for all to run through case studies with proven track records of winning over the majority of customer market share.

Roadmap to Digital Transformation
The digital age cannot be unseen in this day of age as it has already been part and parcel of our everyday life, be it launching an app or skipping an ad over your gadget. Hence, it necessitates the insurance industry to adapt to the radical shift of customer experience and expectations. Digitalisation is the key to unlocking more business opportunities. Spearheading the innovation of products and services might seem a value-added asset in the past, but your current customer’s testimonials might tell you otherwise. Should you long for a sustainable business, full digital transformation is unavoidable.

Reaching the Next Generation
While there is no standard scientific “cut-off” age for each generation, the consensus is that all businesses should have a target audience in mind, and are implementing strategies to reach Gen Zs or Millennials. Reaching next-generation opens up a sustainable future growth as this generation seeks digital-first solutions that align with the insurance company that wants digital transformation.

To conclude, the ongoing pandemic caused by Covid-19 brings grim and frustration for all of us who have been affected. Despite the surging unemployment rate, the healthcare system facing collapse stress, the insurance industry is strongly encouraged to consider moving forwards with digitalisation with less complicated systems and offer better benefits.

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Digital Insurance Connect Event


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