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Betadia Officially Launches In Malaysia

As one of the world’s fastest-growing digital insurance companies registered in the UK, Betadia has officially launched in Malaysia. This bold move represents an important milestone in Betadia’s quest to take on the world stage.

Often cited as the main gateway into Southeast Asia, Betadia’s main office in Malaysia will play a significant role as its regional hub in the Southeast Asian market to provide their clients across the region with a more comprehensive consultancy and advice on their broad range of insurance plans which safeguard users’ capital while boosting their investment returns.

The largely untapped market of Southeast Asia with its relatively young population with a high purchasing power will ensure Betadia’s rapid and steady growth starting in Malaysia. Exploiting the strategic location of Malaysia in the heart of Southeast Asia, the Malaysian market will undoubtedly give Betadia an easier access to potential investors across the culturally vibrant region.

As reflected by the old saying that Rome wasn’t built in a day, the launching of Betadia in Malaysia was not decided overnight. Rather, the decision to establish a regional presence in Malaysia was made after a series of long and thorough discussions held within Betadia’s senior management.

In order to better serve their clients in Malaysia, Betadia has also appointed a highly-renowned local partner to establish a Prestige Office at Menara Keck Seng which is located opposite of the Pavilion shopping centre at the heart of Bukit Bintang.

With a permanent presence in Malaysia, existing as well as potential clients of Betadia can now easily reach out to them to gain access into the rich and profound financial and insurance knowledge that will empower its trustees to achieve capital preservation in their investments.

The emergence of Betadia in Malaysia is certainly going to benefit the investors within the country by providing them with an alternative plan of insurance to protect their hard-earned investment profits.

Tapping into Malaysia’s strategic geographical location and the existence of a rapidly-growing community of investors from within the country as well as nationals from other Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia and Vietnam, the time is ripe for Betadia to gain a wider international recognition beginning in the capital city of Malaysia.

With the wide variety of insurance plans provided by Betadia, investors can definitely put their worries away and focus on their next financial venture where they can strive to hit a more ambitious investment target. With Betadia, investors can expect a new series of insurance plans that are comprehensive and, more importantly, tailored to fulfil the various requirements of different customers.


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