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The Official Launch of Betadia Thailand: Closing the Insurance Industry Gap

“89% of Thai consumers share personal details for acquiring personalised insurance products or premiums.” – Capco 2019 Survey.

The global health protection gap reaches an unprecedented peak in 2020 owing to the life-threatening Covid-19 crisis. According to a recent survey by Capco, almost all consumers in Thailand have been voluntarily looking for a reputable and reliable outlet to get customisable insurance products or premiums by submitting their data online.

With its sound footing in digital transformation, Betadia Thailand leads the insurance industry by cementing the protection gap with one of the most comprehensive coverage at an affordable cost in preparation for the imminent post-Covid financial burden.

Minding the Insurance Industry Gap

Utilising an inventive business model, Betadia incorporates insurance into the entertainment realm, offering full capital preservation while boosting investment and bringing in risk-free yet stable returns. It sets a golden benchmark for the other key players in the region to emulate and encourage more insurance agents to embrace the challenges that the digital age offers, thereby implementing changes on a policy that protect the wellbeing of the insured at large.

As stated in the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN (ERIA), Thailand is one of the fastest-aging populations in the world. When retirement kicks in, however, for folks that have yet to save and plan for their long lifespans, it broadens the health protection and financial gap. Many will shy away from topping up their coverage as a result of various extrinsic factors such as accessibility, cost, and complexity of insurance can be nerve-racking.

Betadia Thailand narrows the gap deep-rooted in the industry by digitising the ins and outs of insurance flow. Everything will be carried out online, either getting a plan that best fits your needs, interacting with consultants for premium problems, or requesting a change of plan.  In essence, we endeavour to provide a user-centric portal for consumers so that they can gain the supposed coverage within a few taps.

Betadia’s Penetration into the SEA Market

Southeast Asia (SEA) market is the coveted hub of unlimited opportunities, and Betadia has been looking for ways to penetrate the market since the beginning of last year. We have been swiftly delivering our services nationwide ever since. Starting in the United Kingdom, Betadia has extended its footprint to Australia, Europe, and New Zealand.

Thailand marks the second point for expansion for the United Kingdom (UK)’s based company upon its recent foothold in Malaysia. To elaborate, policyholders in Thailand have the privilege to enjoy the best return rate on investments out of their purchased insurance plans as compared to the Betadia users in other countries, let alone its flexible premiums that promise the lowest entry subscription fees.

Betadia aims to be your trusted financial investment partner that provides the most cost-effective and inclusive insurance plan. We collaborate with established affiliates across the globe so that our wide range of clients can be well-insured and enjoy quality life accordingly. For more information about Betadia, feel free to drop us your email at   [email protected] or visit our official website www.betadia.com.


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