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Best of Both Worlds: Collaboration Between Betadia and MT5ive

Having established itself as one of the most influential and trusted trading platforms in the global financial market for over two decades, MT5ive is taking a step further in the journey of digitalisation by entering into a strategic collaboration with Betadia.

For well over 20 years, MT5ive has made a name for itself as one of the most reliable online trading and investment platforms in the financial market where investors get to invest in a wide array of investment products which include foreign exchange (forex), commodities, futures, indices, spot metals, shares, bonds, vanilla options and exchange traded funds (ETFs) just to name a few.

This strategic partnership came at a time when MT5ive was seeking to gain a higher level of global exposure particularly in the field of investment-linked digital insurance. Apart from that, this highly anticipated collaboration is expected to mutually benefit both Betadia and MT5ive as the former will be able to provide comprehensive digital insurance to help investors of MT5ive safeguard their investment assets and financial capitals.

After having explained the unique features of MT5ive, it is also important to note that MT5ive is a platform that conducts its trading activities based on the Contracts for Difference (CFD). Generally speaking, CFD carries a high level of risk to an investor’s capital and can result in losses that exceed the investor’s initial deposit. Therefore, investors should also be aware of the level of risks that they can afford to take.

What truly sets MT5ive apart from other similar online trading platforms is none other than the comprehensive client support provided to their customers by a professional multilingual customer service team which can be contacted from Monday to Friday via phone, email or live chat.

On top of that, in order to bring their investors’ experience to a whole new level, MT5ive has just recently appointed a UK-based Product Specialist. The Product Specialist will conduct a series of insightful investment courses for 7 days a week, 2 sessions a day. Through this investment course, MT5ive’s clients will get the privilege to enhance their investment skills and knowledge as well as to better understand the various investment products available at MT5ive. For clients who are interested in this course, event registration can be done here.

To get more details and the latest insights regarding this fruitful collaboration between Betadia and MT5ive, you can visit MT5ive here.


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