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Introducing Betadia Max Flexi and Max Plus

As the global financial market continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, the complexity and unpredictability of an ever-expanding multi-diverse range of investment schemes are evolving continuously as well alongside values of investment capitals which are also rising at an equally rapid pace.

As an answer to rising demands among clients from Australia, Malaysia and Thailand for a higher investment tier to insure their digital assets, Betadia is pleased to announce the official launch of two premier investment-linked plans known as Max Flexi and Max Plus on 1 February 2022 in addition to its existing range of premium insurance policies.

Apart from fulfilling the requests of Betadia’s clients, this landmark decision comes as Betadia strives to further diversify and enhance their series of digital insurance plans by providing investors with a more comprehensive insurance coverage for their precious investment portfolios. With these two new packages, investors can now safeguard their investments with higher investment tiers starting from £50,800 which can be subscribed based on their own preferences and the capital value of their investments.

Starting from £50,800 onwards up to a maximum of £101,600, Max Flexi currently offers one of the highest value investment capital protection plans for digital investment assets. With Max Flexi, clients can enjoy the privilege of managing their cash flow for their investments with full flexibility within the insured period lasting from 90 days to 120 days.

On the other hand, investors can also subscribe to Max Plus which allows investors to safeguard their investment capital from as low as £50,800 which is similar to the Max Flexi plan. Nevertheless, different from Max Flexi, Max Plus is equipped with a one-of-a-kind Plus booster feature which offers investors additional coverage to boost their investment across other investment platforms during a short term tenure. Apart from that, investors who subscribe to Max Plus will also get to enjoy the benefit of receiving 2 times of reward payout when they remain financially disciplined.

In order to appreciate the exclusive benefits of Betadia’s pioneering digital insurance plans, it is essential for us to take a glance through the numerous features that come along with these plans. As part of Betadia’s commitment to empower investors to profit with insured capitals, investors will not only get their investments safeguarded by Betadia’s comprehensive insurance plans but, more importantly, investors will also get to earn dividends.

Other than that, Betadia’s clients will also get to focus on planning for their next investment target with a sense of assurance, knowing that their investments are insured and that compensations will be given under insured circumstances. Furthermore, investors can also make use of Betadia’s various investment methods that are available in their platform to explore other investment avenues as well as subsequently gain financial knowledge and experience throughout the entire investment process.

By insuring their digital assets with Betadia, investors are not just buying an insurance plan, rather investors become part of a growing community which interacts with one another, exchanging the latest financial developments as well as knowledge and experiences that are vital in facilitating a healthy and positive financial environment.

Far from being merely two conventional additions to Betadia’s existing insurance plans, the launching of Max Flexi and Max Plus will certainly help investors to expand their existing investment portfolios. For further enquiries on Betadia and our range of insurance plans, feel free to drop us your email at [email protected] or visit Betadia.


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