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Betadia Officially Launches in India

In recent years, India has been gaining increasing interest from investors worldwide. With the annual GDP growth hovering steadily around 6% to 7% since 2013, India is currently the fastest growing economy globally, surpassing China in 2018.

According to the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, a number of factors contribute to India’s continuous growth in the long term. These factors include its relatively young population, corresponding low dependency ratio, healthy savings and investment rates, increasing globalisation and integration into the global economy.

Due to its vibrant investment market, there is a surge in demand among investors in India for a comprehensive range of digital investment insurances to safeguard their investment assets and capitals. Hence, Betadia has decided to launch in India to provide investors with an ideal alternative to the existing insurance plans in the country.

With the arrival of Betadia in India, this has marked the beginning of Betadia’s rapid expansion into the South Asian market. Thanks to India’s strategic geographic location in the Indian subcontinent, India is an ideal place for investors to have access into other South Asian economies such as its neighbouring countries–Pakistan and Bangladesh as well as India’s top 10 largest global trading partners, including the United States (US), China, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, South Korea and Malaysia.

Considering the rising popularity of investments in strategic economic assets such as Forex, commodity, futures, bonds and stocks across the constantly evolving digital platform, Betadia’s digital investment insurance, which offers comprehensive coverage over a wide array of investments, will undoubtedly be a welcoming sight for current and potential investors in India.

As forecasted by PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2017, India’s GDP at purchasing power parity could overtake that of the US by 2050; thus, the investment market in India is set to continue its rapid growth. In 2019 and 2020, India recorded US$74.4 billion in foreign direct investment which mainly flows towards the service sector, computer industry and telecom industry.

Largely driven by its vibrant economy, India  has a booming insurance industry which was worth US$ 280 billion in 2020. With the growing middle class, which was made up of the younger generation, has high purchasing powers; thus, the insurance industry is also expected to continue its rapid growth in the near future.

Hence, against this backdrop, Betadia has penetrated the Indian market at just the right time to provide a range of highly professional insurance and consultancy services to the country’s large population.


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