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AI Gain: Digital Currency X Digital Insurance

In a bid to further expand its global presence and to make its insurance products more widely available through various methods, Betadia is currently entering into a strategic partnership with AI Gain. 

As a leading digital insurance company, it is important for Betadia to enable its existing and potential customers to purchase Betadia’s wide range of insurance packages using various types of methods. This has eventually prompted Betadia to partner up with AI Gain, a leading digital assets management platform, to introduce a digital currency which will be used as a medium of transaction for purchases made within Betadia.

Being a pioneer in the field of digital assets management, AI Gain is led by an R&D technical team which possesses a great wealth of experience and knowledge derived from more than 10 years of involvement in the global financial industry and digital assets. With the digital smart wallet of AI Gain, customers can now achieve compound interests in their investments while enjoying greater convenience to sign up to Betadia’s various digital insurance packages and make payments using the digital currency.

In order to mark the official partnership between Betadia and AI Gain, Betadia has also introduced Wealth Protect with the aim of insuring investments in the field of cryptocurrencies. Divided into four different packages with different insured duration ranging from 7 days to 180 days, Wealth Protect is designed to provide comprehensive financial coverage for investors who invest in cryptocurrencies. To ensure that fellow customers have a peace of mind while investing in selected cryptocurrencies, their financial capital will be given 100% protection by Betadia as part of its commitment as a reliable digital insurance company. As the risks in the cryptocurrency market are mitigated, customers who signed up to this package will be able to focus more on their next investment target instead of worrying about the inherent risks.

As an incentive for its customers, Betadia’s Wealth Protect will also provide staking bonuses to its subscribers. Upon the maturity of the packages, a 10% staking rate will be rewarded to members based on the daily rate. On top of the staking bonuses, there will also be a direct referral bonus which rewards a 1% to 6% commission to members or agents who refer new customers to sign up for this package.

Apart from ensuring lucrative financial returns, Wealth Protect is built upon an intuitive investment framework which is designed specifically for the protection and growth of customer’s financial capitals. Simply deposit from as low as USD 200 and start protecting your cryptocurrency investments with Wealth Protect.

Last but not least, the much anticipated collaboration between Betadia and AI Gain will definitely lay the key foundation for the formation of a more seamless experience for investors who maintain an active profile in cryptocurrency investments.

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