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The Importance of Digital Insurance

As a Paralympian who has competed in major international sporting events globally, sport has always been an integral part of my life. Not only has it given me a lifetime career, but more importantly, it has given me an identity that people from all over the world are able to recognise.

Despite the highly successful sporting career that I have managed to build over the years, I felt the existence of a gap when it comes to my financial aspects. Investing my financial resources across different platforms has become increasingly important to help create longevity for my sporting career and create financial independence. It is inevitable that investing naturally comes with profits and losses. Like my sporting career, I am well aware of the inherent risks that are common in investments. No matter how wise an investor might be, he or she could make mistakes that would subsequently result in financial losses at some point. Besides that, I have also come to realise that good times never last  long, especially when it comes to the global financial market. Things can often turn upside down in hours, and it’s often too late when you realise it.

While I am fully aware that these risks need to be mitigated, there wasn’t any insurance in the market that could offer protection for my investments back then. When I came across Betadia, I saw the potential to help minimise those investment risks. As a digital insurance company, Betadia has the power to create more security when it comes to investments due to its various insurance packages that are designed to safeguard their clients’ investment capitals.

I’m excited to see the possibilities of Betadia first hand over the coming years. It will change the way I invest and take some of the negatives away when investing under the secure protection of Betadia. It will also allow me to invest in companies that I like, their values and their purpose, without the risk of losing money if things do not  work out the way I predicted. With an expanding family, financial security has become a high priority. Knowing that my investments are covered, hesitation or doubt no longer undermines my investment plans and strategies, as the Betadia insurance packages will reduce the risks significantly. 

In other words, finding a digital insurance company, which I can trust to safeguard my investment capital is extremely vital. It allows me to focus on my career and the agenda that I prioritise while maintaining an active investment portfolio where I gain my additional source of revenue. I will now be able to do this safely with Betadia.

As our world constantly evolves along the lines of digitalisation, risks are constantly evolving as well. That’s why it has become essential to protect my investments with a digital insurance provided by a company  that is at the core of the global digitalisation. I am looking forward to seeing where the next few years take me both as an athlete as well as mom to be, and how Betadia can help me reach my financial goals along the way.

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