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Wrong Score: Setting a New Benchmark for Investing in Sports

Setting a New Benchmark for Investing in Sports

Responding to the growing enthusiasm towards football among both young and old, Betadia has finally entered into a strategic collaboration with a brand new investment platform known as Wrong Score which incorporates monetary investments into football matches. After all, what’s better than having the chance to make some investment profits while watching football matches?

Regarded as the world’s first and only incorrect score prediction platform, Wrong Score rewards users for incorrectly predicting the outcome of football matches. As a brand new venture, this platform is set to overturn the usual conventions of investment in football matches. In short, you win if you predict football match results incorrectly, whereas you lose if your prediction of the football match results is correct.

Reasons for Choosing Wrong Score

Following the announcement of this much anticipated collaboration between Betadia and Wrong Score, there are ample reasons for choosing Wrong Score as your ideal investment platform when it comes to football matches. First of all, by subscribing to Wrong Score, you will have access to more than 1300 major football leagues worldwide which are within the broadcasting coverage of Wrong Score. Thanks to their scheduling mechanism; you will be able to schedule and bookmark your favourite football leagues according to the local time.

Even if you happen to miss any of your favourite football matches or are unable to watch those matches when you are occupied with your own personal errands, you can always check the football match results that are updated in real time with time zones in more than 190 countries supported in our platform.

With your choice of Wrong Score, not only will you be receiving the latest football match results, which are updated live; more importantly, you will also be receiving in-depth analysis, the latest insights and news coverage of all the major upcoming football matches and European football leagues that you wish to follow up. You can keep all the up-to-date latest and breaking football news.

As the world’s first and only incorrect score platform, your chances of winning in Wrong Score are always hovering above 90%. In other words, there is a higher probability for you to gain more wins compared to other sports platforms that are currently available in the market due to their unique mechanism.

As part of Wrong Score’s commitment to bring their user experience up to a whole new level, they have numerous built-in features such as a dedicated dashboard which displays livescores and season schedules, extensive statistics to assist you in deciding which football team to choose in the next game as well as worldwide coverage across their networks. Other than that, to ensure that your investment experience is not undermined by technical breakdowns and downtime, Wrong Score’s professional IT team, that is dedicated to the service and maintenance of their investment platform, is always readily available to respond to any sudden technical failures. Most significant of all, as there is no minimum investment amount to kick-start your journey with Wrong Score, literally anyone can get to experience this exciting and unique sports investment platform.

On top of all the modern digital features of Wrong Score, they also have some of the easiest application processes for you to begin your fun-filled investment journey. In order to join Wrong Score, simply create an account for free, then proceed to start exploring the hundreds of football matches that are available daily. After that, all you need to do is just place your wrong score prediction and wait for the results. With this fruitful collaboration between Betadia and Wrong Score, what are you still waiting for? Join us and embark on this exciting journey to achieve more ambitious targets in your investment.


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