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Betadia Officially Launches Industry’s First Radio Station

Betadia is planning to hit the airwaves by the end of this year. To keep its brand top of mind, the radio station goes by the name Betadia FM. For the first time since its inception in 2020, the public can hear the pronunciation of the company name that upholds the Queen’s English phonetics.

Betadia FM is scheduled to go live in the coming months. It aims to provide exclusive news to Betadia members and infotainment content to listeners across the world who are keen to get insured digitally without spending money like water yet get a better return on investment. 

While explaining how Betadia came about, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Betadia said, “The establishment of Betadia FM has always been in our pipeline since we started the company. Betadia FM signifies the company’s revolutionary movement into changing the public perception towards insurance that can be a tad rigid, obsolete and expected to be more fun, updated and interesting.”

“Introducing a new digital asset that is left untapped in the industry is just the beginning. We will provide greater services and ensure all our members, who are mainly online users that enjoy gaming, can get full capital protection from home conveniently and confidently through our full-spectrum system.”

“Without stepping out of the house to queue for face-to-face consultations, you get real-time advice and pick a plan that best suits your financial needs. Betadia envisions a world where everything is fast, safe and simple. That’s what is being reflected in all our offerings because we care to expect more.” 

By tuning into Betadia FM through our website or app, Betadia members can grasp insights about the latest interesting happenings among the insurer community. For new members who are still learning the ropes, they can always launch their gadgets anytime from the comfort of their places for investment tips that are short and crisp by the world-renowned finance and investment gurus. Additionally, they will be the first to comprehend the new deals or coverage plans before Betadia publicises them. 

Striving to be the most accessible online investment and insurance portal in the world, Betadia FM will feature local as well as international live webinars, boot camps and hackathons that will debunk or reveal myths and best practices in the digital insurance realm. Not only do Betadia members get to mingle with the other participants during seminars, but also brush shoulders with some of the seasoned experts and gain firsthand information on capital markets.

The UK-registered digital insurance company prides itself in kickstarting Betadia FM. As the first in the insurance industry to roll out a radio station, Betadia FM will enrich the public’s knowledge of insurance intuitively and interactively.


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