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One World, One QR

Since the dawn of technology evolution, we witness firms of various disciplines have turned to boost their return on investments by promoting brand awareness or product placements in the virtual space. Kudos to the popularity of social media marketing, Google Ads and Facebook ads have become powerful mass marketing tools that reach a wider group of target audiences at a minimal entry fee of as low as $1.

Today, businesses that are at the forefront of the digital world focus on streamlining and automating their marketing and sales processes. Many globally known eCommerce retailers such as Amazon lead the game through the establishment of a machine-readable matrix barcode originating from Japan, which is more commonly known as QR codes.

QR technology maximises the potential of online stores or businesses with its flexibility where it can be easily created for customisation. Everyone can freely share QR codes for either personal or business needs. Most importantly, QR codes save time for emailing or making calls that often end with cold shoulders or disengaged conversations. The availability of QR Code call-to-actions (CTAs) ensure smooth external interaction with members or users and thus heightening customer satisfaction, thereby converting into heavy traffic to your website and eventually the ever-increasing sales figures. 

With just one QR code, it unfolds a world of opportunities. Betadia leverages sophisticated QR technology to run its referral program and the community has been growing exponentially. The simplicity and convenience offered by QR codes are evident. Only with the sheer effort of pointing a phone camera at the QR code and tapping to access the information on the screen, anyone can join Betadia and be blessed with a wide range of coverage plans that safeguard investment capital at an affordable price. In fact, upon signing up, Betadia members can pick more than one investment product and gain comprehensive protection accordingly. 

It is not an exaggeration to claim that a QR code has integrated both the physical and digital world. Now, even an agent in the most northern part of the world can engage with a potential member in the southern realm of the globe. That said, Betadia members can connect globally and get protected for their investments of various sizes in one place with no boundaries. 

The Betadia referral program is known for its rewarding incentives that are emulated by many key players in the digital insurance industry. By joining Betadia as a registered referrer, you stand a chance to earn recurring dividends and the daily team bonuses that may vary with your residing country.

For more information about Betadia referral program, feel free to contact us at +44 8081 750 988 or email us at [email protected]


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