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Witness Betadia Southeast Asia Launch In Myanmar

Betadia, the leading digital insurance company in the United Kingdom, has announced its latest plan to enter Naypyidaw, Myanmar. Its strategic move to the country enables Burmese customers to enjoy world-class premium insurance plans that promise full capital protection via online registration.

It has always been Betadia’s aim to promote digital insurance among a more extensive customer base across the emerging markets of Southeast Asia. The establishment of Betadia Myanmar puts Burmese on a guaranteed journey to a safe and flexible capital protection solution.  

“The need for insurance in Southeast Asian countries has evolved over the years. This prompted Betadia to launch a series of new premium plans which can more effectively and comprehensively safeguard the investment capital of our clients,” said Senior Wealth Management Manager.

“Over 54 million citizens are going to benefit from Betadia’s wide range of insurance plans: Max Flexi, Max Plus, Smart Flexi, Smart Plus, Wealth Enrich, Wealth Enrich Plus, etc. Most importantly, each plan encompasses a share of dividends that boost investor profit.”

Other than providing one of the best digital insurance solutions to investors across the globe, Betadia has always been striving to offer the ultimate convenience to customers without compromising their security. The partnership between Visa and Mastercard propels the revelation of Betadia’s first virtual credit card which allows customers to easily keep track of their online purchases or subscriptions as well as make payments by simply logging in to their account.

“Myanmar is currently facing economic disruptions, and its GDP is projected to grow by 3% in the fiscal year ending in September 2022 amid its economic recovery. As investment rates in the country will inevitably increase, Betadia has decided to step in to ensure that the necessary security measures are in place to secure investors there,” Senior Financial Analyst of Betadia said.


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