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The Establishment of Betadia’s Asia Pacific Headquarters

Following the expansion of Betadia across the Asia Pacific region particularly in Southeast Asia, the world’s leading UK-based digital insurance company is once again heralding a new chapter after announcing its decision to set up its regional headquarters in the advanced island nation of Singapore.

As a highly developed country that boasts one of the busiest international airports and seaports in the world due to its strategic geographical location that sits between the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean, Singapore has managed to attract countless international business corporations to set up their offices in the city state. Apart from Singapore’s booming economy, its world class infrastructures and business facilities are also major factors that have contributed to the rise of Singapore as a bustling commercial hub in the Asia Pacific.

Therefore, with the aim of tapping into Singapore’s extensive business networks and investment opportunities, Betadia has decided that it is time to set up a regional headquarters in Asia Pacific to better serve its clients in that region. 

By setting up its regional headquarters in Singapore, Betadia will soon be able to access the endless business opportunities that the island nation has to offer thanks to its globally renowned status as an international logistical hub and global financial hub which have drawn the attention of investors and entrepreneurs worldwide since the 1970s.

With the establishment of Betadia’s Asia Pacific regional headquarters in Singapore, its clients and investors in the region can enjoy more benefits and better services. Furthermore, Betadia will also be in a better position to reach out to more potential investors who are in need of digital insurance to safeguard their investment capitals and assets across the region. 

As the planning and preparation for the establishment of Betadia’s regional headquarters in Singapore are still in the works, you can stay tuned on our website and official social media pages for more updates on the location of the office which will soon be revealed.


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