At Betadia, we aim to remodel the future of digital insurance by providing the most unmissable capital protection plan for long-term investments among a sea of online games.

Join us and enrich your portfolio with all the latest digital skillset!

Perks & benefits

Premium Compensation Packages

Join Betadia now and enjoy the best medical, dental and vision coverage, let alone daily lunches and snacks that will keep your stress at bay.

Effective Internal Communication

Betadia adopts open office culture to ensure all employees communicate directly, expediting the workflow in the office. Meeting rooms are available in the event of any serious occasions that involves external clients or vendors.

Flexible Working Hours

We understand that not all of us are born early risers. Once you join the Betadia family, feel free to decide your working hours and benefit from the 15-minute grace period.

After-work Mingling Sessions

It’s your time to chillax and touch base with new mates from the other departments. Badminton nights, movie nights and birthday parties are just part of our regular team bonding activities.


Are you passionate about spearheading the revolution of insurance?
Join us now and enrich your portfolio with all the latest digital skillset!


Betadia embraces an inclusive and diverse culture where we recognise everyone’s talent regardless of skin colour, race, religion and sexuality. We respect all employees’ ideas and opinions without jeopardising or inflicting any sense of discomfort on others. Instead, we empower teams to gather and support each other in realising goals no matter how big or small they are. Betadia works as a team to come out with inventive and actionable solutions that cement the gaps in the insurance industry.

Today, Betadia team runs a digital platform designed for all the insured members to achieve capital preservations. Having profound financial and digital insurance knowledge, Betadia provides the most unmissable capital protection plan for long-term investments, catering to the ever-evolving online gaming industry.

Believing that health is a basic human right, our team takes every insured member’s needs seriously and communicates openly about any flaw in our system and we fix it all together without apportioning blames. We work relentlessly in ensuring every member can participate in investments and continue to increase their platform earnings with a sense of assurance. Aside from ensuring principal protections, our insurance service devises meticulous investment methods to enable members to invest with utterly low risks. Should principal losses occur, full compensation will be given.

As we look at the future of digital insurance that has unlimited possibilities, we reckon the vital importance of collaboration and teamwork in devising strategies and services that can benefit our members in a long run. We encourage brainstorming sessions that yield out-of-the-box ideas that shape the futuristic voice of the insurance industry.

With our concerted efforts, we introduce a flexible insurance premium that is arranged according to the member capital status. If members can meet the regulations of the insurance plan, then they can earn profits through a series of investment products provided by us. We are convinced that under the premise of capital preservations, members can place their faith in us to profit without risks. We uphold this genuine method to build our platform trust and user base.