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Best Digital Insurance Provider in 2020

Ever since the “internet” was introduced in the 90s’ as a global commercial network success, it has had a world-changing effect on us in many ways. Not least in the coming three decades, here we are when more and more insurance providers joined the bandwagon to bring more innovation into their businesses.

The likelihood of the digital insurance industry popping up in the market is a sure sign that it is time for you to engage with a provider for your insurance needs! Considering this, if billions of dollars were spent on the development of insurance technologies, how can you differentiate between those that are good and those that are worth your money?

To seize the opportunity if you are looking for digital insurance providers, we have compiled a comprehensive checklist of how we are making promising changes to our consumers in 2021:

Safe & Secure Environment
Betadia helps you to accurately identify and cover your insurance needs and risks. Our insurance packages will enable you to enjoy a more seamless and personalised user experience securely and thoughtfully.

Automation for Capital Preservation
Fueled by big data to analyse insights and optimise the value of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Betadia adopts a streamlined approach to serve our clients systematically. Betadia’s simple yet automated process will ensure our customers a more pleasant and high-performance experience to preserve capital and prevent losses.

High-Value Dividend
Betadia’s primary goal has always been providing strategical help to our clients in gaining the highest share of dividends. The provision of attractive dividends sets Betadia apart from the other competitive digital insurance companies in the region. Besides fixed dividends,  our insurance policyholders can acquire more dividends as they move up to a higher rank.

Entry Fee and Premium Fee
From a financial institution standpoint, they are always at higher risk when it comes to the possibility of losing money on an investment or business venture, Betadia needs to provide a better entry fee to our clients. Betadia goes all out to offer a more distinctive and affordable fee for clients to opt for our premium services.

Broader Financial Mitigation
Betadia prides itself as an insurance company which focusing on servicing our clients on protection plans for policyholders with a holistic approach. To better serve our client base, we aim to provide coverage that prevents them from losses when there is no failure to meet rules and obligations.

To know more about Betadia protection plan, get in touch with us now! Our profound financial and insurance knowledge team will lead you to achieve your capital preservation, high dividend in a securing manner.



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