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3 Ways to Avoid Scams

Fraud or scams has struck an all-time high in 2021 as a result of the digital acceleration across industries over the past 18 months. According to a recent article from Security Magazine, attacks have become more complex because of the rise in fraud, including phishing, extortion, and identity theft strategies that have cost firms $42 billion in the past year.

The burgeoning e-commerce industry shows no signs of slowing down and thus fraud or scams will increase in 2022 and beyond. Responding to the upward trend of such unscrupulous activities that have dominated the world of businesses, Betadia has compiled the top three ways to avoid scams in this hyperconnected world.

  1. Never respond to any party who claims to work for a company you are familiar with

Often, scammers pretend to be from the government when they contact you. They may choose to make up a name that seems official or they may choose to use a real name, such as the World Wildlife Foundation, the IRS, or BP Healthcare.

Some press for money while posing as an employee of a company you are not unfamiliar with, such as an insurance company, digital asset provider, or even a charity. They might even edit the phone number that shows up on your caller ID using technology. So, the name and phone number you see may be fake. Easy. Just ignore all these!

  1.           Shoo away people who claim that a problem or prize exists

Fraudsters are good at making big statements. They might accuse you of having issues with the government or you are in debt. Some other common ones would be a family emergency or a virus that can ruin your laptop.

Additionally, there can be claims on an issue with one of your accounts and you must verify certain details. Others might fabricate stories and latch on to your emotions so you will pay a charge to receive the money you won in a lottery or sweepstakes. Again, just refuse them!

  1.           Don’t rush yourself to take immediate action even if you’re told to do so

Undeniably, all scammers want you to do is to react without thinking beforehand. Beware when you’re asked to be on the phone for a tad too long because that is just their trick to pressure to hear their side of the tale.

It gets intimidating over time when they threaten to have you arrested or already send you a letter from the court, lose your business or driver’s licence or deport you. Your computer may be about to become corrupt; they may claim. Simmer down, you will be fine.

In a nutshell, keep your head cool and remember to fact-check. If you can, go to a trusted friend or business partner if any of these happens. Likewise, if you come across any doubtful people calling and claim that they are from Betadia, you can always approach Betadia live chat or go straight to your designated agents for clarifications for the best and real-time support.

If in any doubt, please visit www.betadia.com or our social media platforms for official announcements or campaign information. Please always visit our official pages, and not through suspicious links or advertisements:

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If you have inadvertently disclosed your Betadia login details on a fake website, please email us immediately at [email protected].



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